Who is today’s buyer?

The Mindset of Home Buyers Today

The housing crisis is over and home buyers are regaining confidence in the market, whether they are returning or they are first-time home buyers. As a real estate professional, understanding the mindset of today’s home buyer is essential to successfully helping your customers find the home they want.They Want to Buy — Now

New confidence in the housing market, skyrocketing rents and the lowest interest rates on record are increasing the urgency of today’s buyer. They are pre-approved, they work with a Realtor  and they’ve done their research on the neighborhood and the type of house they want.

They’re Flexible

Buyers today are flexible, and they’ll do what it takes to get into the house they want. They are less likely to kill the deal over small flaws and are willing pay a little more to close the deal.

They’re Savvy

Confidence and flexibility doesn’t mean they don’t know the difference between a bad and good deal. These buyers have been through the housing crisis and seen its effect. Therefore, they may be tougher negotiators.

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