“Sarah Bowles was extremely helpful in the purchase of our investment property. I could not be more pleased with how professional, knowledgeable and bright she is. I would hands down suggest her to anyone looking for a home, second home or an investment property. I have dealt with many realtors in my past and she surpasses all of them by far. Thank you Sarah you are amazing.” ~Laura Rahe

“Sarah shows dedication, knowledge, follow-through and a sincere goal of finding that “dream home” you are seeking. Her resourcefulness along with “you” being a top priority…she exhibits exceptional professionalism. I would highly recommend Sarah if you are ready to start your search for your perfect home!” ~Tabitha Graham

“It all fell into place so quickly. Upon meeting Sarah, I mentioned my desire to buy my first home. About two months later it was all finished. Having worked in the real estate/mortgage industry, I was prepared for glitches, mistakes and oversights. My misgivings were soon behind me. Sarah was informed, motivated and a blast to work with. She referred me to an experienced loan officer who handled my financing with the ease borne of many years in the industry. My innate pessimism soon gave way to curiosity and motivation to move forward, with Sarah’s support, creativity and attitude. I hope any new or repeat home buyer will have the good fortune to do business with Sarah and her company. I have no doubt I will be working with her on any future real estate transaction.” ~Jerzy Lesniak

“Sarah was outstanding to work with to find a condo. She was very accommodating and has strong knowledge of the market in Colorado. I had a short timeframe to find a place and she accommodated my schedule and found places that fit what I was looking for.” ~Brad Wynn

“Sarah helped us to find a great condominium at a great price. She was knowledgeable energetic, extremely responsive and very helpful throughout the process. I highly recommend Sarah as a realtor.” ~John Rahe

“In order to best exemplify Sarah’s dedication and work ethic I will tell our extensive story. Back in June of 2012 my husband starting looking at houses/condos with Sarah while I was away doing research. She helped him through the process and at multiple times skyped me in to see the houses as well. When I got back from my trip in July we started our search in earnest – which included seeing a minimum of ten homes about once a week. Sarah was always eager to drive from Denver to meet us in Fort Collins to see homes. Finally, in the beginning of August we found a place we loved and went under contract. Sarah was always careful to walk us through the process and made sure that we were getting the absolute best deal we could. After our inspection we learned that the roof was faulty and ended up walking due to the seller’s inability to replace the roof. Sarah was always prompt and respectful and always supported our decisions. We then started our search again and after another month we found a second place and went under contract again. This time we got through the inspection and appraisal but then learned that the condo complex had a faulty HOA so we had to back out of that contract as well. Finally, after another month of searching we went under contract for a third time. The inspection went well but the appraisal came in 12,000 under listing price. Sarah worked tirelessly with the selling agent, the loan officer, and the appraiser to first try to challenge the appraisal and then to negotiate with the seller to meet us half way. In the end Sarah contributed her entire commission to help us close and we couldn’t be happier with our house or with our Realtor. We would recommend Sarah with NO hesitation – she was always immediately responsive and did everything in her power to get the deal done for us.” ~Andrea Akers