Sunnyside: 4 Reasons You’ll Love this Neighborhood

For first time home buyers and anyone looking to make the move closer to Denver, there is an up and coming neighborhood that you need to know about! The neighborhood known as Sunnyside has a lot more than a fantastic name going for it.


Keep reading to discover 4 awesome reasons to live in the Sunnyside neighborhood!

Sunnyside 2

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Location: Sunnyside borders the Highlands neighborhood, and has close access to downtown Denver. Living here will give you all the comfort of neighborhood living, with proximity to big city living!


Environment: If you are looking for a neighborhood with a great vibe and even better food, Sunnyside is a perfect fit for you! In addition to fantastic cuisine and fun demeanor, Sunnyside is home to large lots and beautiful historic homes.

Sunnyside 1

Image Source: Common Grounds Coffee House


Great Deals: Although Sunnyside borders the Highlands, this area is much more affordable for home buyers with many of the same great benefits! Home buyers looking to live close to downtown but not willing to pay city prices will find this area very appealing.


It’s Growing: Home value in the Sunnyside neighborhood is on the rise, and now is a great time to get into the neighborhood while the homes are still affordable.


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