Spring is here!!! And Spring cleaning….

Spring is the time of year that brings such beauty here to Colorado. With the Tulips and Daffodils poking their head up letting us all know that summer is just around the corner.   Spring literally means to move or jump suddenly upward or forward.  What a great way to look at things. Move upward or forward. This is the season that allows us to feel refreshed and truly suck in the New Year that is upon us and encourage us to keep going. This is also the season that brings the synonym of Clean with it.

Spring for many is a time to de-clutter, get those lawns in shape, get ready for planting new flowers in the garden and really sticking to that New Years resolution to loose some weight to fit in that swim suit that is just around the corner.


I have always look for easy, efficient and things I always forget about spring cleaning. To do this I scour articles, websites, DYI, blogs and post to try and ignite my brain with some of these idea. I found this ARTICLE from Better Homes and Garden that I thought had some great tips about spring cleaning.


I hope you all enjoy your spring and really make the most of it!

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