Modern, New Construction or Old-Fashioned Charm?

One of many things to consider, and a good starting point, is deciding whether you want to live in older home with a little bit of character or start with a clean slate in new construction. Both options have their pros and cons, and everyone has a preference. Whether you adore unique details like stained glass windows, classic brick fireplaces or original hardwood flooring you just can’t match the charm of an older home. However, older homes sometimes bring costly repairs, renovations and maintenance. New houses promise fresh, updated features and shiny new appliances but they can be lacking in personality and neighborhood warmth. Take a look at this list of pros and cons of newer construction to help you decide:


New Construction



  • New Plumbing, Electrical & Structural Support


Brand new building materials are a serious benefit, meaning little to no major repairs and more efficient use of utilities, not to mention time!



  • 100% Updated


Remember that 1960’s wallpaper in your grandparents’ house? In a brand new house tacky wallpaper, ancient carpets, and other bizarre decor are nonexistent.


  1. Ready to Customize

Neutral walls, finishes and other features leave it up to you to make changes that are all your own. The best part? You don’t have to live when anyone else’ style, even temporarily.





  • Newer Neighborhoods


A newer neighborhood usually hasn’t had a chance to grow into its surroundings. It may take a few years for your area to feel like home.


  • Unfinished Elements


Bare basements and incomplete landscaping may seem great for working on, but without the time or resources to dedicate to add-ons you may end up with a naked basement and a longstanding dirt yard.



  • “Cookie-Cutter” Designs


Newer homes, especially in suburbs and subdivisions, all tend to look alike… so much so that you can walk often into a house that looks exactly like yours just down the block. Opting for a older house sometimes (not always) ensures that your house and it’s history are one-of-a-kind.



Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 11.05.07 PM


Photo: Better Homes & Gardens


Old Construction




  • Hidden Treasures


When looking to build a home, some owners think ahead to add thoughtful and unique design elements, such as hidden storage or quirky conveniences. Details like these are hidden treasures not typically found in newer construction from a replicated design.



  • Lots of Character


In addition to hidden treasures, character comes in many forms and adds value for buyers looking for an older home. Stained glass, original light fixtures, fireplaces and restored appliances add a touch of personality that many people prefer.



  • Sturdy Materials


Many homes were built before the invention of synthetic materials such as decking materials, hardwood floors and other elements. The natural woods and other components are generally long lasting and higher quality than their evolved counterparts.



  • Older Neighborhoods


Older neighborhoods often come with an older overall population, which is something to consider when locating a home to raise a family or live fun and fast single life. Keep in mind the area that you are buying in before you fall in love with a older home.



  • Over-Customization


Having a different color carpet and paint in every room of a house can make for an overwhelming experience, contrary to new construction which is often more neutral. Keep in mind a house with a lot of “personality” can be a lot of work to make it your own.



  • Cramped Layouts


Looking for an open concept floor plan? If you prefer an older home, you may have a tough time finding the open space that you desire, as many older homes are more compartmentalized than newer construction. Be prepared to knock out a few walls to get the feel of that open concept living space.


Which type of house will you choose? If you still aren’t sure which is best for you, contact me today and let’s discover which type of home will be perfect for you.


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