Denver Neighborhoods – Hiltop

“With all development around Denver, water was the key and when the water was available, people came. The City Lateral Canal, which was a branch of the High Line Canal, brought water to the area in 1885. Shortly after, in 1886, Milo A. Smith platted the Eastern Capitol Hill Subdivision. Adjacent neighborhoods like Montclair, South Denver, and Harman had already become townships by this time.

Bradford DuBois along with William Malone bought the northern 1/3 of what is currently Hilltop and mapped the Malone and DuBois Subdivision in 1886. They didn’t consider the existence of the Eastern Capitol Hill Subdivision and consequently each street between 3rd and 4th Avenues fails to connect with existing streets. The two were joined in 1893 when they were combined as Hilltop and annexed to the City of Denver.

Prominent citizens of Hilltop include its first resident, Louis Dugal (6th and Dahlia) who was a prominent lawyer and realtor and drafted the 1868 Denver Map adopted by the Board of Travel, John Leet, founder of the short-lived Leetsdale community, and John Lang Smith, who along with his son ran the largest plastering company west of the Mississippi. They created ornamental ceilings in a variety of places including Union Station. Still, development in Hilltop was slow to get started with a count of only 6 homes in the 1900 census and 24 in 1910.”



— Leonard & Associates 1996

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