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Have you ever wondered what the next step was? The next step in your transition to owning your own home instead of renting, or the next step in refinancing your home? Do you fell like your being discriminated against by your Realtor or landlord and don’t know what to do? There is actually site where those types of questions and many more have been not only answered but you can get walked through the next big step in your life. This site allows you to look through a variety of questions in different categories like homeowners, renters, seniors & disabled, and fair housing. One of the great things I found was that there are not a ton of commercials like on other sites. They also are not trying to push an agenda, this service really is to help people who may or may not have resources to get questions answered in a non-threatening way. Another thing that sets this site apart from others is that the site can be viewed in almost any major language, so that non-english speakers can access this information as well. So hope onto the website at and look into the category you are facing!

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