Change for change!


In a new movement by the city of Denver, change collectors were installed at DIA airport in 2013. In the 2 years that the change collectors were installed, $170,000 were collected for Denver’s Road Home.  In the first year alone travelers emptied $82,000 into the receptacles, and in the second year $88,000 were collected.  The organization, Denver Road Home, is the cites campaign to aid the homeless in Denver. The program is its 10th year of assisting homeless with employment, mental health and substance abuse treatment and housing.  Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said in a statement “By donating to Denver’s Road Home through the DIA receptacles, the city and our community partners are able to provide needed services such as job training, sheltering, mental health and substance abuse treatment as well as other supportive services to help the homeless get back on their feet,”.

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