5 Ways to Pin Your Garden Green this Summer

Social Media has changed a lot of things, including the way we purchase, update, and decorate our homes. Pinterest is one of the best ways to get inspiration and DIY tips and tricks for your home. This week I am going to walk you through how you can can get the most out of your garden (whether you have a green thumb or not) using Pinterest!

Set-Up Your Board:

If you do not have a Pinterest, sign-up now (and then start Pinning with me)! Pinterest is the easiest way to organize your projects, save creative ideas, and find DIY projects. Once you have your Pinterest setup, create a gardening board.


Identify Your Space:

Once you have laid the groundwork for your Pinterest board, figure out where the ground is that you will be working with. Are you going to be building your own herb-rack, or do you want a spacious vegetable garden? Depending on where you plan to do your growing, you may choose to pin different types of garden inspiration.

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Select Your Plants:

What kind of plants are you looking to grow? From veggies to flowers, Pinterest is full of advice on how to select the best plants for you garden. If you are looking for more of a DIY experience, you may want to start with seeds. However, if you have no idea how to get a garden started, there are plenty of good starter plants to help you grow into gardening. No matter what you choose, Pinterest can help ensure that you have selected the right plants for your space.

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Pin Tricks + Tips:

Once you have selected the types of plants you would like to grow, get busy learning how to make them thrive. There are plenty of tutorials on how to help specific types of plants grow better. Take advantage of this collective wisdom, and save it on your gardening board!

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Set Reminders:

Now that you have everything you need to get your garden started, and all the tips and tricks to help yourself succeed, set reminders to make sure that you are following directions! If you need to water your plants every day, set up reminders on your phone for a time you know you will be home to water. If you need to fertilize once a week, pop that appointment in your calendar!

Thank you for taking the time to read my gardening blog! Want some more ideas? Check out my Pinterest page to get inspired.

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