Thinking of a New Build Colorado Home?

The Builder’s Realty Council of Denver (BRC) has recently published a informational piece as to to the pro’s of purchasing a new build Colorado home. If you are looking to purchase a home and haven’t thought about  a new build, these are some good reasons to think about if a new build would be right for you?!


You can read the piece by  the BRC and Why new?


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Howto use a cash gift for down payment to buy a house

Thinking about buying a home in Denver? Looking to family member’s to help with the down payment assistance? Is this possible? Can you use the help of family members cash to buy your own home or even an investment property?

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New Build? Why would I want a Realtor?

The Builder Realty Council (BRC), who advocates for builders has published why you NEED a professional Real Estate Agent to Represent you. I have clients who have mentioned to me, “If I am doing a new build I don’t see why I would need an Agent.” “It’s a new build, its cut and dry isn’t it?”


Now rather than hearing it from me. Below is the article by the BRC  going over why they advises consumers to use a Licensed and qualified Realtor.

Here is the short piece on  Why Engage? with a professional when purchasing a New Build home.

Change for change!


In a new movement by the city of Denver, change collectors were installed at DIA airport in 2013. In the 2 years that the change collectors were installed, $170,000 were collected for Denver’s Road Home.  In the first year alone travelers emptied $82,000 into the receptacles, and in the second year $88,000 were collected.  The organization, Denver Road Home, is the cites campaign to aid the homeless in Denver. The program is its 10th year of assisting homeless with employment, mental health and substance abuse treatment and housing.  Denver Mayor Michael Hancock said in a statement “By donating to Denver’s Road Home through the DIA receptacles, the city and our community partners are able to provide needed services such as job training, sheltering, mental health and substance abuse treatment as well as other supportive services to help the homeless get back on their feet,”.

To find out more information check out their website at :

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Do I need 20% cash down to buy a house?

Do you have to have 20% cash to buy a house? Mike Kenevan with AmeriFirst and Brett Baird with Citywide in Denver, Colorado are here to answer!

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Benediction: playing at the Space Theater

Benediction is currently playing at the Space Theater at the Denver Center for Performing Arts until March 1, and shows every night except Monday nights. The play is the third in a trilogy written by Kent Haruf, who died in November. The books have won many awards and literary honors. All three are set in the fictional town of Holt, in the eastern plains of Colorado. They revolve around ordinary people, and there interactions with each other and their own personal/past conflicts.

Having just seen this play I found it to be a beautiful representation of the struggles in life that everyone will face at some point or another. Granted the play shows many difficult scenes, and really heart wrenching stories of the different characters. I felt that every person in the crowd, though, identified with at least one of the struggles of the characters. At multiple points in the 3 hour play, there was not a dry eye in the room, gasps from all over the audience, and hearty laughs. The setting is familiar as well, being in eastern Colorado, and characters traveling to Denver at different points. The struggles seem real, with the sorrow, elation, desperation all hitting the audience in a powerful way. The Space Theater is a perfect setting, as the audience is so close to the actors that it feels very genuine. Please go see this play! It is so thought provoking, and (again) genuine- you wont want to miss it when it leaves at the beginning of March!

The play runs at the Space Theatre, in the Denver Performing Arts Complex, through March 1, with ticket prices starting at $41. For more information, call 303-893-4100 or go to

To find out more go to :

Colorado Housing Connects

Have you ever wondered what the next step was? The next step in your transition to owning your own home instead of renting, or the next step in refinancing your home? Do you fell like your being discriminated against by your Realtor or landlord and don’t know what to do? There is actually site where those types of questions and many more have been not only answered but you can get walked through the next big step in your life. This site allows you to look through a variety of questions in different categories like homeowners, renters, seniors & disabled, and fair housing. One of the great things I found was that there are not a ton of commercials like on other sites. They also are not trying to push an agenda, this service really is to help people who may or may not have resources to get questions answered in a non-threatening way. Another thing that sets this site apart from others is that the site can be viewed in almost any major language, so that non-english speakers can access this information as well. So hope onto the website at and look into the category you are facing!

When is it a good time to sell it yourself?

For Sale by Owner – When is it a good time to sell it yourself?

While timing is important, its more about the type of property you are trying to sell. If you have a property like a condo or a town home where there are literally dozens if not hundreds of the same floor plan in the community, it makes a lot of sense to maybe sell your property yourself. Here’s an example that may make it a little more clear, if I put 10 brand new twenty dollar bills on a table and asked you to pick the best one, what would you do? You would probably look at me like I’m a little crazy and state that they are all the same, how can you pick the best one? People do not like to think of their homes as commodities, but there are certain instances when they are just like the one next door and the one next to that one. There is not a good opportunity to differentiate yourself in the market place. You don’t need to be a marketing wizard to promote a property that is just like all the ones around it.

That being said, if you have a home that isn’t a commodity, it makes much more sense to hire an agent that can help you differentiate and promote your property to get the most value out of the sale. Now going back to timing, timing is a factor when you are selling your home whether you are doing it yourself or have an agent. Generally speaking in the Denver area, the best time to sell is middle of March until the end of August.

Most homeowners that consider doing for sale by owner are trying to save money. I have found that in approximately 80 percent of the time I am able to help home sellers increase the value of their home by more than the amount of commission I charge to sell the home. Frequently in for sale by owner transactions, the seller leaves a lot of money on the table. Bottom line, sellers when selling their homes without an agent, they may be losing out on the money they were originally trying to save.
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Top Questions Answered: Can I use my 401K to buy a house?

Can I use my 401K to buy a house? Brett Baird with Citywide and Mike Kenevan with AmeriFirst are here to answer!


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