Winter Checklist For Your Home

With the sudden spike in cold temperatures we’ve seen in the Denver metro area lately, it is important to make sure you have your bases covered in terms of protecting your new home.

Keep reading to discover the winter checklist for your home all new homeowners should be paying attention to.






The first step on your winter checklist should be checking your heating system. To ensure that your stay warm and toasty this winter, make sure your heating system is functioning properly.

Make sure your sprinklers are turned off, and your pipes are set for the cold temperatures. Frozen pipes are the last issue that anyone wants to be struggling with in freezing temperatures.

Finally, in case of emergency, the CDC recommends that you keep certain foods and supplies stored in your home. Click here to find out more.





You’ll need a snow-shovel! Make sure that you don’t get stuck inside this winter, and keep a sturdy, reliable snow shovel is absolutely in your garage or storage closet.

Be sure to include de-icing agents such as salt and gravel on your next shopping list!

Spotlight: Bonnie Brae Neighborhood

Every neighborhood in Denver is different, which means finding the perfect neighborhood for you and your next home requires research. To help with this process, every now and then we like to feature some of our favorite neighborhoods. One such neighborhood is Denver’s own Bonnie Brae.

Neighborhood Spotlight (2)

What makes Bonnie Brae so special? Keep reading for 3 reasons Bonnie Brae is one of our favorite Denver neighborhoods!

Great Vibe: The Bonnie Brae neighborhood is a very charming. Mixing elegant homes with a small-town feel, in addition to the proximity to downtown, Bonnie Brae is a truly unique and wonderful neighborhood to own a home.

Great Location: Bonnie Brae is a charming neighborhood found a stone’s throw from Wash Park and Cherry Creek Shopping Mall, so plenty of fabulous dining and shopping is just minutes away. The famous Bonnie Brae Ice Cream shop is a central focus of the neighborhood, along with many other bars, restaurants, and shops. With easy-access to downtown Denver and the Denver tech-center, the commute from this home will be easy-as-pie.


Image via @jenkfisch on Instagram

Perfect for Previous Home Buyers: With its great location and wonderful vibe, homes in Bonnie Brae tend to be out of most first time homeowners price range. This area is perfect for individuals who have previously owned a home, and individuals whose children have recently moved out of their house (nicknamed empty-nesters). With such a great location the kids will love visiting!

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