Renting vs. Buying: 5 Reasons Now is the Time to Purchase



We’ve all heard the expression before: “Now is the time to buy!” This expression probably throws up some red flags in some people’s minds, but we are saying it to you now. It IS the time to buy.

Why might you ask? Don’t worry, we’ve got the proof to back it up! Keep reading for 5 reasons why buying is better than renting in Denver right now!

Supply and Demand: In case economics isn’t your strong point, we’ll explain this one for you. As the demand for a commodity (such as an adorable home in Denver) increases, so does the price. This means that as the population of Denver grows, which is happening at an alarmingly fast rate, the demand for housing is going to increase as well.

Equity: This concept piggy backs off of reason number one to buy a house right now. It is simple math really. If you buy a house now for X number of dollars the value of that house will continue to climb as Denver housing prices climb. In 10 years when you decide to sell this house for Y number of dollars your profit will be Y – X = $!

A Slice of Heaven: Denver has consistently been voted one of the happiest, fittest, and best places to live in the United States. It is home to the Denver Broncos, purple mountain majesties, and over 300 days of sunshine. Who wouldn’t want to own their own little slice of the heaven that is Denver, Colorado?


Season: As we come into the winter season, we are actually coming in to the time of year that is the best to put an offer on a home. Less people search for homes during the colder months for obvious (and chilly) reasons. This means that in a competitive market like we are seeing in Denver, you’re more likely to get the home of your dreams, and less likely to duke it out in a bidding war with another couple.

Monthly Payments: You know all that money that you’re putting in to your rent each month? Imagine getting that money (and more) back someday (see Point 2). That’s what happens when you buy a home.

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