Denver Neighborhoods – Alamo Palcita

Did you even know that this existed?

“The history of the Alamo Placita Historic District tells the story of 1860s prairie land along Cherry Creek just three miles (5 km) southeast of the new town of Denver. Farsighted investor Moses Hallett, an attorney from Illinois, bought the land in 1864. Hallett’s quarter section of land became Arlington Park Addition, and later, Alamo Placita neighborhood. By 1887, Denver’s southern city limit was the northern border of Hallett’s claim (now East 6th Avenue). A road on the eastern edge of Hallett’s land, called Hallett Road, is now Downing Street. In 1889, Hallett sold his land to the Arlington Park Land and Improvement Company and became one of several investors in the company.”


Alamo Palcita

Denver Neighborhoods

As I am learning the specific Denver Neighborhoods I thought I would do a series on what I am learning. For the next few weeks I will be sharing with you some of the specific Denver neighborhoods. Their boundaries (ish) and some facts about each.  If you want to see the picture just click on it!


Denver Neighborhoods