Tests tests and more tests

When buying a house there comes a point in the process to which one must inspect and test the house.  I was thinking about how many of my buyers are not completely sure as to what tests and inspections are commonly done and why they would want to have some of these inspections/test done. 

So I thought I would  make a list of some of the common items and a brief explanation to what they are. 

1. Home inspection – a person who visually checks your home. Running appliances, looking for cracks, issues visuble and possible immediate issues

2. Sewer Scope – done by either a inspector or a plumber. In which they use a scope to view if there are cracks or roots growing in the sewers. 

3. Radon Test – typically done in basements, walkout or levels backing to a hill. Testing to see if there is less than .4 PL of radon which can be dangerous over long periods of time or in high doses. 

4. Survey – Done by a licensed professional. Finding the actual lines for the lot. This is sometimes done where there has been erosion or if there is a neighboring fence issue. 

5. Roof inspection – a roofer typically comes out for free to really asses the life of the roof or outline any foreseeable issues. 

Theses are the most common ones that I see working residential issues. Now if you find a possible problem when the above are inspecting there is a laundry list of other professionals you can call out to give further assessment and viable resolutions. 

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