Home Appraisal

Home appraisal, what is it? Why do you need it when you purchase a home? Why and how does that effect your loan and home purchase ability?

Mike Kenevan and Brett Baird, Colorado Top Lenders are here to explain.

Now that you know a bit more, what if you are not purchasing but refinancing? This same process will still take place. However, if you are refinancing, make sure to reach out to me and I am happy to create an appraiser package to present to the appraiser to do all that is in your power to get the best value possible for your home. Please note, if you are out side of the Denver, Denver Metro Area I have affiliates that are also able to provide this service.

For more information please feel free to contact Brett, Mike or myself.

 Sarah Bowles Colorado Native Realtor 720-83-SARAH (72724)

Brett Baird CityWide Lending 303-548-7334

Mike Kenevan AmeriFirst Lending 303-901-9978


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