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This Half Duplex lives like a SFH – shared wall is garage wall. Lots of charm and opportunity! Feel as if you are in the country yet within close proximity to plenty of shopping, conveniences and light rail, to quickly bring you into downtown Denver!

$300,000 | 3 beds | 2 baths | 1,852 finished sq. ft.
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Denver Housing Bubble – How Much Time Do We Have Left?

Sarah touches on the increased growth of the median sold home price in Denver.  Is this steady increase cause of concern for Denver’s housing market?  Chief economist with the National Association of Realtors, discusses key elements in the makeup of a housing bubble and thoughts of when it may pop in Denver.

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April 2016 House Market Stats via Realtor

cash 2 u payday loans richmond va April 2016 House Market Stats via Realtor

C.A.R.’s April 2016 market stats have been published. Look what the market is doing!!! I can agree, that the market is a very interesting one to say the least.

Metro District
Mountain District
Northeast District
Northwest District
Southeast District
Southwest District

What do you think? Are you surprised by the published data?


July 2015 Denver Market Statistics July 2015 Denver Market Statistics 

While July heated up the metro area, the Colorado Denver Housing Market took on a bit of cool. Check out the data just posted from REColorado and take a peak at what is happening in the Denver Real Estate Housing Market!

Colorado July 2015 Statistics Talking Points

Colorado July 2015 Statistics


Denver Neighborhoods – Montclair

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The connection between the infamous “Red Baron” of World War I and the Montclair neighborhood can be found in Baron Manfred von Richthofen — he was the uncle of the “Red Baron” and the father of Montclair! Richthofen arrived to Colorado from Germany in 1877. A man of many interests, he started the Downtown Denver Real Estate Company in 1881, was a novelist, and was also a founding member of the Denver Chamber of Commerce. With Matthias P. Cochrane, Richthofen established the Montclair Town and Improvement Company in 1885. Though promoted as a healthy place to live, away from the smoke and fumes of the city, the Montclair neighborhood was not drawing residents. Montclair

To demonstrate the wonderful quality of life there the Baron decided to build a castle of his own at 12th and Olive.  He had the Montclair ditch created, which was the lateral of the Highline Canal, eventually flowing into Montclair Park. The water supply enable many flowers, trees, and shrubs to be planted and thrive where the land had previously been essentially barren. In 1890, the Baron platted his own addition to Montclair and the building continued. With the Colorado Women’s College (1890) and the Fairmount Cemetery (1890), as well as the increasingly well-known reputation as a community for people suffering from lung-related illnesses, Montclair thrived. It was also home to the National Jewish Hospital and Agnes Memorial Sanatorium, one of the largest tuberculosis treatment centers in Colorado.

Montclair - Google Maps


More Information:

Near-by Parks: Montclair Park and Denison Park 23 Minutes to DownTown

source url 13 Minutes to Shopping Cherry Creek Mall

see 17 Minutes to I-25

Closest Grocery Store is Safeway

Walk Score:  here 56

Bike Score:  follow 73

Postal Zip Code: 80220



Denver Neighborhoods – Mayfair Hale

Denver Neighborhoods – Mayfair Hale

Nestled between some of Denver’s most sought after neighborhoods, Mayfair is a small community of friends and neighbors residing in a collection of tudors, bungalows and ranches a short distance east of Downtown Denver. In 1885, Baron Walter Von Richthofen proclaimed Mayfair, “The Beautiful Suburban Town of Denver” and advertised the area as a healthy alternative to the moral dilemmas of city living. The area now known as Mayfair became part of Denver in 1902 but was not officially named until after World War II when returning GI’s settle in the ara. The area was attractive to these men and their families for many of the same reasons that Mayfair is popular today. With it’s wide streets, large lots, varied architecture and proximity to Downtown Denver. Mayfair is truly and example of urban living with a suburban feel.


City Park is located just North of Mayfair near the Denver Zoo and the Museum of Nature and Science. Mayfair has its own shopping center at 14th and Krameria Street which has been serving the community for over fifty years, while Colfax Avenue boasts its own assortment of shops and restaurants on the northern border of the neighborhood. In addition, Mayfair is just up the street from the shops, restaurants and special event found in Cherry Creek.

Hale - Google Maps

More Information:

Near-by Parks: MayFair Park and Lindsley Park

12 Minutes to DownTown

7 Minutes to Shopping Cherry Creek Mall

17 Minutes to I-25

Closest Grocery Store is Marczyk Fine

Walk Score: 66

Bike Score: 82

Postal Zip Code: 80220





Sellers Market Negatives

Sellers Market Negatives

In a “hot” Real Estate market like Denver, the “word” on the street is that “Its Great to Be a Seller”. Here is the fine lining to that comment. In this market what are some ways a sellers market can actually be bad for sellers?

I was approached by a Blogger for TruliaLaura Agadoni and asked to weigh in on some of the issues that Sellers may have in a sellers Market.

E Union

Colorado Home

What are some ways a sellers market can actually be bad for sellers?
If you are in a multiple offer scenario, sellers sometimes pick the offer with the most cash saving options. However, by not vetting these offers,
sellers may sit in a contract just to have it terminate 3 weeks later.Which can cause perception to buyer consumers of what is wrong with
the house.
Seller markets and hot markets combined, generate an influx of new agent and part time agents trying to get into the business. If you do not have an
agent that works full time in industry or at least if a new agent has access to a great mentor, the contracts can ruin a deal.
If a non seasoned agents (not meaning only years in business, but how many transactions done) write an offer or are on the listing side of
the arrangements, because of the high pace and demand of a sellers market. Details can be missed and or miss read. Putting sellers into a potential
issue later on the road. Be it while in contract or a law suit later on down the road.
It all depends on how the contract is written/agreed to that will protect both consumers in the long haul.
A sellers market brings out some of the “desperate” agents willing to take next to nothing to just get the deal. Seller then get a disservice as the
“expectation” is to just toss a sign it and it will sell. Getting a contract in a sellers market is not the hard part for a seller. Its making
sure they are protected, not signing multiple offers (yes this happens) and just hoping one of the buyers with drop, signing a deal that gives the
highest cash, but not paying attention to deadlines that can kill a deal (too far out, or unreasonable). Etc.

What do sellers do when the house sells fast, and now they are in a buyers’ market? And other problems sellers might
A lot of rent backs are taking place. And then struggles with finding a place. Additionally, if you don’t close or sell by the the time you are
offering your contract add an additional contingency that others may not have. There fore potentially not giving said seller the best competitive offer.

Selling their home and then having to move twice. Once to an apt or temporary home then once again to their new home.

In a sellers market, homes that were not the most ideal product ie off a busy road, needs a lot of work, will get listed for a aggressive price and due to some buyer frustration and desperation to find a home, will purchase the home and not due some of due diligence needed.  So the then seller now buyer, can have potential to make a hasty choice rather then a educated and confident one. Make sure that there are some options available prior to listing, and come up with plan A, B, and C.


To read the article and see what other agent around the nation had to input just click HERE.



Denver Neighborhoods – Cherry Creek

Denver Neighborhoods – Cherry Creek

The Neighborhood of Cherry Creek in Denver is characterized by a mixture of the old and the new. The Properties here are built in a range of different ages and styles. Condo’s, townhouses and even single family homes can be found in this neck of the woods. There is also a blend of residential and commercial areas within Cherry Creek, with quiet tree lined streets alongside some of the most popular shopping areas in Denver.

The commercial side of Cherry Creek is Focused along East First Avenue, where both the Cherry Creek Shopping Center and the Cherry Creek North shopping district are to be found. The Cherry Creek Shopping Center caters to the upscale market, with many designer boutiques and chains. Cherry Creek North is a 16 block district and contains numerous art galleries, boutiques, spas and restaurants. It is the hub of social activity in the neighborhood, with many events taking place in Fillmore Plaza Including films on Fillmore during the summer, the North Ice Rink in the Winter and the local Arts Festival, which is usually held around the Fourth of July. The neighborhood has excellent transport links to the rest of the city, with four major roads and a number of bus routes servicing the area.

Cherry Creek Denver

More Information:

Near-by Parks: Pulaski Park and Congress Park

10 Minutes to DownTown

1 Minute to Shopping (Cherry Creek Mall)

8 Minutes to I-25

Walk Score: 86

Bike Score: 79

Closest Grocery Store is Whole Foods

Cherry Creek Postal Zip Code: 80206



Bank – Corespondents – lender

Bank – Corespondents – lender. Wait! There is a difference? What does each do and who may be a better fit for when you are looking into a home loan refinance or home purchase?

Mike Kenevan and Brett Baird top lenders in Colorado answer.

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For more information please feel free to contact Brett, Mike or myself.

 Sarah Bowles Colorado Native Realtor 720-83-SARAH (72724)

Brett Baird CityWide Lending 303-548-7334

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Lender Loan Credit

Lender loan Credit, what is it? How can they help or when can they  be given?

Colorado Top Lenders Brett Baird and Mike Kenevan are here to share!

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For more information please feel free to contact Brett, Mike or myself.

 Sarah Bowles Colorado Native Realtor 720-83-SARAH (72724)

Mike Kenevan AmeriFirst Lending 303-901-9978

Brett Baird CityWide Lending 303-548-7334