Be A Smart Ash Denver

Be A Smart Ash – Don’t mind if I do

Recently walking around Denver I noticed a few trees with a little plastic sleve wrapped around them. The print on the sleve was simiply “”. Well isn’t that cute and “punny”. After a few weeks, curiousity got the best of me.

What was this all about? So I started to do some research.

I found out that Denver started to run a campaign to give discounted and sometime FREE trees to Denver homes.  SAY WHAT?!!

There are two campaigns that are run. One, that is currently running is the The Second Campaign will start at the begining of the year.

Why should you care?  Well, the site does a great job of soliciting why. My take on it…we need more trees!!

Want to see if you are a canidate for a tree? Here is a direct link to apply!

So if you live in Denver, or know someone who does…share this. It is a really neat program and it will help our “Little-Big-City” Denver become more beautiful and cool!


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