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I really love to help other and get creative in finding solutions! I was honnor when I got a call from a good friend, business affiliate and client JP Stonestreet. He wanted to pick my brain and see if we could come up with a solution. I’ll let him tell you in his own words from his recent newsletter:

Last week, I called my good friend and client, Sarah Bowles, and asked her for some advice on how to get more referrals. She’s a referral machine and gets the vast majority of her clients from referrals. Who better to ask, right?

During our conversation, Sarah had a brilliant idea. She suggested we have our clients create videos detailing one thing they learned about websites, marketing or SEO from working with us.

Then we can post it to our YouTube channel, tag it with the client’s info, and share it across our social media feeds and our client can share it on theirs.

This is a great way to drive traffic to the client’s website, as well as ours, and it also acts as a sort of testimonial/referral for how we do business.

I told you it was a brilliant idea.

And of course I asked her to record our first video, which you can watch or below. Sarah learned a valuable lesson about how her old template hosting company ruined her SEO.

If you are ever in need of website development, I would definitely check them out! They did mine and I love it and love the service given.


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